I will continue to delete your emails with gleeful abandon

Dear Canadian Pharmacy & Zercon Biggerisbetter,

There seems to be some confusion between what you think I need and what is true here at Casa de Motherscribe. You see, I keep getting these emails about anatomical SIZE and viagra cialis online pharmacy pharmacy. You appear to have me confused with someone else who cares about their PENIS. Now, I have nothing against the PENIS, but it is not part of my anatomy. Of this I am sure.

I WILL say that if you were sending me emails about getting CHILDREN TO SLEEP THROUGH THE NIGHT or VALIUM, that would get my attention. I'd be all over those like a cat in heat. However phrases like: Free your inner inhibitions and let it all out or keep HER satisfied all night long just don't help me at all. At least not this week.

Unfortunately, I suspect there is some poor sod out there sitting at his desk wishing he were receiving these informative missives. I, myself, freed my inner inhibitions some years ago when I also made the titillating discovery that there is nothing so satisfying as a good night's sleep all night long.

I will continue to delete your emails with gleeful abandon.

My best,

Extremely Satisfied and Uninhibited

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Hair loss can signal some health problems

Hair loss is something that most of us will have to deal with at some point in our lifetime. In fact, if you have hair, you are dealing with hair loss at this very moment for it is estimated that on average, people typically lose up to 100 hairs a day. Unfortunately for some, hair loss may occur at a fast­er rate or onset early, which may be the sign of some sort of underly­ing medical problem.

Hair loss or thinning hair is known as alopecia. There are dif­ferent types of alopecia and they can occur in men as well as wom­en:

The most common type of hair loss is due to genetic factors known as androgenetic alopecia and occurs in both men and wom­en. Hair loss usually starts some­where between the ages of 12 and 40, but it often goes unnoticed. Vis­ible hair loss usually occurs in ap­proximately one half of all individ­uals by the time they turn 50.

The second most common type of hair loss, especially in women, is called telogen effluvium. Those who suffer from this condition ex­perience thinning of the hair that is usually brought about due to trauma, which can interfere with the normal hair growth cycle. Women usually see an increasing number of hairs on their hair­brush or on the shower floor. Con­tributing causes are stress, med­ications and hormonal diseases such as thyroid disorders.

The third most common type of hair loss is known as alopecia areata. This condition is usually associated with autoimmune dis­orders and usually presents as a single round patch or sometimes multiple round patches that may grow together. They can become so severe that one can lose all of the hair on their head. This condition may be present at any age, but is more common in children and young adults.

Other conditions that may lead to hair loss include trauma from tightly braided hair known as corn rows, which can cause what is known as scarring alopecia. This condition commonly affects black women. Also, trichotillomania is the loss of hair as a result of either consciously or subconsciously pulling out of the hair. Usually there is an underlying psychologi­cal cause for this condition.

Medications have also been known to lead to hair loss. Some of the most common medications are chemotherapy agents, birth con­trol pills, radiation to the scalp, anticoagulants such as heparin and warfarin, arthritis medica­tions such as indomethacin as well as certain seizure medications.

In addition, one may see hair loss with certain types of antihy­pertensive medications such as beta blockers like Lopressor or metoprolol. High doses of Vitamin A have been known to cause hair loss as well.

If you find you are losing your hair earlier than expected or in an abnormal pattern, it may caused by an underlying medical condi­tion. Some of those include hypo­thyroid disease (overactive or un­deractive), severe infections, hormonal imbalances and nutri­tional deficiencies such as zinc, Sprue and malnutrition. Recent reports have also linked hair loss to certain medications to treat in­digestion known as H2 blockers, along with birth control pills.

If you have been diagnosed as having alopecia, there are several options available. One is topical minoxidil, which started off as a cheap viagra used to treat hyperten­sion. This cialis has a side ef­fect of producing excessive hair growth, so it was subsequently studied and found to be effective when used properly. Another med­ication, finasteride, known by the brand name of Propecia, is felt to be better for vertex balding, which is the part of the head in the mid­dle of the scalp. But this medica­tion does have serious side effects in the developing male fetus.

Povillus is a herbal medicine to stop hair loss and start hair regrow and also it does not have any known side effects. Provillus comes in two varients, one to treat hair loss among men and another to treat hair loss among women.

Source: http://www.montgomeryadvertiser.com/

Andropause and Bio-T Blood screening

As many of my friends are over the age of 45, I find myself concerned about their sexual health as they enter this phase of their lives. Natural production of testosterone declines after a certain age, and there are symptoms associated with it. I found a very nice Canadian website called andropause.ca that not only helps men understand what it is and what the treatment options are, but it addresses the issue that most doctors are not familiar with this condition, including your family doctor. There is a list (by province) of doctors who specialize in andropause.

I mentioned andropause to a few clients (over age 65) who have complained about weak erections and lowered libido, a few symptoms of the condition. They mentioned it to their (female) doctor, who discounted the possibility without doing a blood test that measures the bio-available testosterone in the sample. I felt sad and compelled to provide an outside source of information and a list of sympathetic doctors (at least to my Canadian friends).

Men that I know who are on supplemental testosterone have more energy, more life, and enjoy more their visits with me. When sex hormones are balanced these guys feel better than normal, and fatigue never seems to get to them like it did before supplementation. They don't accumulate body fat as fast as before, and their dicks get as hard as a rock like it did before. Erection drugs like Viagra and cheap cialis work better, and that aspect makes sexual activity less worrisome.

Worrying about getting erections remove the mental energy that is needed for letting go and having fun. But with preparation and participation in adjusting to the natural changes that occur to everyone that ages, sex can get better than you remember because of the appreciation factor.

You can fully appreciate something when it is gone, and when you get it back after some effort, you will never let it slip away again. Sex is something joyful that we must never lose touch with. But when sex does leave a person's life, people around you can tell. You should witness the subtle transformation my friends undergo when they leave my apartment. Simply put, it's a good feeling for everyone!